BMW's latest two-wheeler, an electrified version of the C1 enclosed scooter, is a concept vehicle that might go into production.

BMW has released information about a new, electric, single-track concept vehicle developed by their Motorrad division.  The BMW C1-E is an advancement on the BMW C1 enclosed scooter first released in 2000.

The C1 sold over 10,000 units the first year it was available, but sales dropped sharply by 2002.  It was quickly taken out of production.

BMW's electrified scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery, but it could also be built with a small, efficient combustion engine.  Power ratings and range figures were not released.

Looking very much production-ready, the C1-E seems to be BMW's attempt to test market readiness for a new enclosed scooter.  It is meant to be an urban vehicle that is safer and more weather resistant than a motorcycle.

The driver is held in place with a four-point safety belt.  A roll-bar was designed alongside the nose to absorb energy in an impact.  While the windscreen created a near-full canopy on the C1, the C1-E appears to have more empty space.

BMW development of the C1-E is part of the European Safer Urban Motorcycling project, a cooperation between BMW, Piaggio, and the cities of Barcelona, London, Paris, and Rome, amongst several non-profits and universities.

BMW Motorrad Present C1-E Concept for Higher City Safety