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Toyota and Subaru have been collaborating for some time on a jointly developed sport coupe model. Now, we get a preview of the FT-86 Concept, which is set to debut at the Tokyo motor show later this month.

The sport coupe's dimensions are fairly compact with a length of 4,16 meters and a height of 1,26 m (width and wheelbase are 1,76 and 2,57 meters, respectively) and a low center of gravity. The FT-86 was created by Toyota's Europe Design Development and it's objective was to fashion a car with a "functional utility" design theme.

Uncharacteristic for the times, this concept does not feature any new technology of the hybrid or electric kind. The goal for both Japanese automakers was to create a sports model that is simple, fun-to-drive and fuel efficient. The FT-86 will feature Subaru's 2.0 liter Boxer gasoline/petrol engine, which develops only 160 hp, although, there have been hints that it may be dialed up to about 200.  It also uses a 6-speed manual transmission and ADVICS brakes.

We can only guess that the FT-86's agility and speed will come from a low curb weight. We will just have to wait for the numbers on that.


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