Moving panels and an orchestra help Lancia present its most important car in years, but we still have missed the Integrale...

We have already brought to you all details on the new Lancia Delta: it is based on the same platform used for the Bravo, but a little bigger, for increased internal space. Therefore, it is 4.5 m long, 1.8 m wide, 1.5 m high and has a wheelbase of 2.7 m. What we have not told you so far was how the car was presented to the world. Better than telling you about it, we have managed to show it to you with this video.

In the presentation, it is possible to see three new Delta were hidden behind three panels that could turn to reveal the cars, while an orchestra played. Besides turning, these panels also could get down, in order to put the cars on the floor. When the three white Delta units reached the ground, two doors opened and allowed two black Delta to meet the public. Over these cars, two proud Lancia badge watched in silence.

Besides the measures of the car, we have also already informed the hatch will have only turbo engines, two petrol (a 1.4-litre 120 cv and 150 cv TurboJet) and one diesel (a 1.6-litre MultiJet generating 120 cv). It will also only feature six speed gearboxes (manual, automatised and automatic). More engine options are expected for the future, but the future we would really like to expect from Lancia is the return of an Integrale version of the Delta. And one that honors the glories this name has achieved in the past.

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