During his off time when he was not busy designing exteriors for Chery, Alan Derosier continued to stay in the office to work on an entirely different type of car. He was the project leader of the ambitious 908/04 concept, a modern and hypothetical successor of the 908 LH long tail used during the 1969 racing season. It was far from being a one-man job as four other equally talented people from Chery put their expertise to good use in an attempt to bring back the legendary 908. All with the boss’ approval.

Alan, together with Marcos Beltrao (exterior modeler / rendering), Martin Peng (component modeler), Guillermo Mignot (interior designer), and Tom Wheatley (image retoucher), worked approximately 5,000 hours after their daily jobs over the course of almost two years to make the 908/04 a reality. It’s more than just a nice set of renders to admire as developing the concept also meant building a scale model and taking into account actual technical aspects, as Alan explains:

“We’ve actually worked with coherent dimensions and constraints such as seating position, visibility, headroom, door openings, ingress / egress, width, length, height and so on.”

It’s a wonderful mélange of retro and modern cues, complete with Mission E-derived headlights and a pair of exhaust tips mounted up high similar to those of the 918 Spyder. The interior has been imagined as well, stripped down to the bare necessities as you would expect from any race car. Carbon fiber on the dashboard and ultra-thin seats is combined with what seems to be a wooden lever to further emphases the retro-futuristic approach.

We should point out the project was carried out independently of Porsche. Not only that, but the designers were actually a little bit concerned since they never had the stamp of approval from Stuttgart. One day, everything changed as Alan received an e-mail from Porsche with nothing but kind words about the 908/4. The creators of the 911 liked it so much they even made a short documentary, which you can watch below:

Source: Porsche

Gallery: Porsche 908/04 Concept

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