It's for when the VTEC kicks in, yo! Probably...

It's Sunday and we are bored. Browsing through the web, we’ve stumbled upon a very interesting and active Reddit thread, which discusses a mystery part found in a 2005 Honda Civic. It is a small feature that remained unnoticed until the owner of the car decided to list its original radio on eBay.

The small storage compartment you see in the attached images and video is located in the dashboard of the car, just below the radio (take a look at the image below), and is designed to contain small things like your wallet or phone, for example. But there is something extremely interesting about it (at least for car geeks like us) – there’s a little floating weight on the side panel, connected to a miniature locking mechanism.

2005 Honda Civic radio/glove box panel

Here’s the question – what is it for? Reddit and YouTube users have given plenty of options and we find some of them very plausible. Imagine that, for example, you are driving up a hill and this little box is full of coins and small things. The locking feature, controlled by the weight, will prevent the door from opening and the contents will remain safe.

Also, if you get rear ended in your car, this weight will stop the contents from becoming projectiles. Same goes for superfast accelerations, of course, because VTEC, you know… But what if you are parked on a hill and you need to open that small glove box to get your wallet? Fortunately, the door still opens a bit when the locking mechanism is activated.

2005 Honda Civic radio/glove box panel
2005 Honda Civic radio/glove box panel

We are pretty sure some engineer somewhere in Japan is now thinking "Yes, I've finally been recognized!" Yes, you've been, dude, hats off to you!

So, what is this feature for - we'd love to hear your voice in the comments section below.

Source: Reddit

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