We're not sure what to make of this new front bumper a tuner firm created for the Lambo LP640. What do you think?

Japan-based tuners Premier4509 have introduced a new body part for Lamborghini owners.  The Lamborghini LP640 SV front bumper is so "influenced" by that found on the LP670-4 SV, that it practically looks like a "replica".

The two bumpers can easily be distinguished from one another, mainly at the nose.  Premier4509's nose is squared off at the front, while the Lamborghini-produced bumper for the LP670 is cleaner and rounder.  Both have a carbon fiber spoiler, but the tuner-version appears to stick out a bit further.  The original front fascia on the LP640 includes a body colored front spoiler and panel separating the two intakes.

The LP640 SV bumper can also be made to attach cleanly to the Murcielago.  Premier4509 is still working on a rear bumper, which will be sold with the front bumper as a set.  Only 300 units of the two parts will be produced.

Premier4509 has offices in California, in addition to their Tskuba, Japan, headquarters.  The company has also designed packages for Aston Martin, Bentley, and Ferrari vehicles, in addition to the Gallardo and Murcielago.

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