Note to criminals: don't try running from the Detroit PD.

While most of us prepare to head into the weekend, police in Michigan are recovering from a high-speed chase through the streets of southwest Detroit. Thankfully for us, a WDIV-TV news helicopter captured the entire thing on film, as the driver of a Nissan Rogue eluded the local police department at high speeds on the highway.

The driver of the vehicle was reportedly the suspect of a shooting that took place earlier in the day. Video shows the dramatic 45-minute chase as it moved from surface streets downtown, onto multiple highways before ending up on I-75. The vehicle suffered a flat left front tire before the driver eventually pulled over on the side of the road and began running on the freeway.

The suspect was eventually apprehended, but not before attempting to elude police one last time by hurling himself on top of a Chrysler minivan. One officer followed the suspect on the roof of the vehicle, and tackled him to the ground where surrounding officers made the arrest. Deputy Chief David LeValley said this was the second time in the day that police were in involved in a chase with the suspect after he reportedly evaded arrest earlier that morning.  

The suspect was taken into custody and is expected to face attempted murder charges, according to the Detroit Free Press"The victim is at a local hospital in gravely critical condition,'' said LeValley. "There was an exchange of gunfire with a small caliber gun and she was hit in the head. He was an associate in the neighborhood in southwest Detroit.''

Source: WDIV-TV, Detroit Free Press

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