Velocity has dropped a couple new teaser videos for the new season of Wheeler Dealers, which is slated to begin October 4 on the cable channel. The shortest trailer is a 30-second spot (above) that is a bit cheeky, with a sad-looking Mike Brewer lip-synching to Eric Carmen’s classic All By Myself  in a clear jab to his former co-host Edd China, before new co-host Ant Anstead jumps in the car to liven things up.


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The second teaser, however, is all Anstead. The show’s new mechanic spends well over four minutes teaching viewers about turbochargers, complete with hand-drawn diagrams on a steel workbench for a gritty-yet-simple lesson. Anstead then goes about rebuilding a turbo that we presume came from the car in the background, which sure looks like a 1990’s Cosworth Escort. That might not be quite as big a deal if the show was in England, but with the car wearing a California license plate, such a creature is very rare in the States. That's not a bad way to kick off a new series.




Based on these teasers, we’ll say the show certainly looks entertaining. We also find it very interesting, however, that Anstead is featured rather prominently in the first trailer, and exclusively in the second. It’s no secret that China left the show because, according to him, Velocity wanted to significantly cut the shop portions of the program. We suspect it’s no coincidence, then, that Velocity has responded with such a lengthy, in-depth trailer featuring nothing but shop work.

Clearly, the network is hoping to connect with fans who were so upset about China’s departure that they actually made death threats against Brewer and his family. The lovable mechanic had considerable screen time in the show’s old format, and Velocity seems to be suggesting the new show will be the same, despite China's claim to the contrary. The real question is whether or not this lengthy trailer with Anstead is just a portion of the shop work for an episode, or if it represents nearly all of it.

For that, we’ll just have to tune in for the first episode along with the rest of the fans.

Source: Velocity

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