After checking out the Mercedes-Benz EQ A concept, visitors to the Frankfurt Motor Show will be able to experience another high-tech idea from the company by loading up the roof box of an E-Class Estate in augmented reality. The demonstration from Mercedes-Benz Accessories lets folks use Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses, and a camera recognizes their hand movements to let them place computer-generated skis and bags into the storage space.


Mercedes-Benz Accessories
Mercedes-Benz Accessories

If this high-tech gimmick doesn’t get your attention, Mercedes-Benz Accessories has several real-life vehicles to display, too, including several customized X-Class pickups to show the wide breadth of available parts. Buyers can dress up the truck’s appearance with upgrades like soft or hard tonneau covers, bed cap, styling bars in the bed, side steps, plastic bed liner, and storage box. If owners plan to take the truck off road, Mercedes offers three-piece stainless steel underbody guards for protecting the engine, transmission, and exhaust from damage.

In addition to the pickup, a customized GLC Coupe in Frankfurt features the company’s aftermarket roof spoiler, and inside there’s an attachment point on the seat that allows for the fitment of a coat hanger, folding table, camera mount, or tablet holder. The firm fits the same item in a C-Class Estate’s cabin. The company also shows off roof rail tracks on a GLA-Class, and the compact crossover carries the Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike, which has a carbon fiber frame and 3.9 inches (100 millimeters) of suspension travel. Finally, an S-Class Cabrio wears a set of 10-spoke, 20-inch wheels.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories

A few visitors to the Frankfurt show will also be able to buy a limited-edition 1:18-scale X-Class model. Mercedes will only sell them at the event, and will make just 150 of them. The exclusive trucks will come in a mix of Yellow Limonite Metallic and Matte Black paint. Mercedes-Benz Accessories will also be offering 1,000 examples of a 1:18-scale V-Class van model with Designo Hyacinth Red exterior paint and a functioning sliding door.

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Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Accessories For Frankfurt 2017

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Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH at the IAA Frankfurt 2017


Using cyber goggles to load a roof box

Stuttgart/Frankfurt.  The centrepiece of the Mercedes-Benz Accessories presence at the 2017 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt is the range of accessories for the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class. However, it is not only products for the pickup that Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is showing in Frankfurt: overall, there are eleven vehicles equipped with genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories and parts on display, from the C-Class through to the GLA. This includes the 10-spoke, 20” light-alloy wheels on the S-Class Cabrio on centre stage Level 1 during the press days. In addition, Mercedes-Benz fans will find a broad range of gift items, model cars and accessories available for purchase at the Mercedes-Benz Collection Shop in the 'Festhalle' (Hall 2), Level 0. A particular highlight at the Shop is the special 1:18-scale "Mercedes-Benz X-Class" model, available in a limited edition of 150 and only available at IAA 2017.


One of many attractions at the Mercedes-Benz stand is the virtual loading of a Mercedes-Benz roof box using Augmented Reality. A real “eye-catcher”, the Microsoft HoloLens allows visitors to place virtual bags or sports items, such as skis and equipment in a real roof box mounted on an E-Class sedan. The camera recognises the user's hand and head movements, then moves the virtual objects accordingly, as if in a science fiction film. Staff from

Mercedes-Benz Global Training will be supervising the virtual loading exercise at the show stand. Mercedes-Benz already uses Augmented Reality for the technical training of workshop employees.

At the IAA, Mercedes-Benz will show how its vehicles can be individualised to an exceptionally high standard with products from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, using vehicles displayed on Level 2 of the Mercedes-Benz exhibition hall:

  • The GLC Coupé: The Rear Spoiler gives the vehicle an even sportier appearance. Thanks to the existing primer, the spoiler can be painted in the desired colour of the owner's choice. The iPad® Rear Integration is a docking station that can be turned and tilted, allowing the iPad® to be used either vertically or horizontally. The pre-installation attachment for the Entertainment and Comfort System that can be mounted to the back of the front seats allows an ergonomically and crash-secure integration of the iPad® with all its functions into the GLC Coupé. All connections, e.g. for headphones or charging cables, remain accessible. A coat hanger, folding table or tablet holder also can be very easily attached to the pre-installed attachment.
  • The GLA: The roof railing tracks are aerodynamic in profile and can be mounted in just a few easy steps. At the IAA, this multifunctional aluminium carrier system is fitted with the Mercedes-Benz Bicycle Rack. The flexible tension-loaded fastener means that non-standard bike frames can also be accommodated. The practical arrangement for ground mounting the bikes adds to its convenience. The support frame can be folded down to reduce wind resistance when not in use. The vehicle on display at the IAA 2017 carries the new Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike, developed and manufactured by FOCUS. Thanks to a carbon-fibre frame, this weighs just 11.4 kg. The hardtail is fitted with the Reba RL suspension fork from RockShox, with spring travel of 100 mm. The chain ring and crank set use the SLX Group from Shimano (22 gears). The mountain bike features an exclusive Mercedes-Benz design, with a black frame offset by contrasting Pure Blue highlights.
  • The C-Class Estate: The products under the heading of Style & Travel Equipment are both practical and elegant. The modular system is based on a standard mounting unit that can be fitted between the uprights of the head restraints and easily removed when not in use. This allows the attachment, in a few simple moves, of such fittings as a clothes hanger, a folding table, an ActionCam mount, a bag hook or – as shown on the display vehicle – the holder for a tablet PC. In the boot is what is known as a plug-in module, used to sub-divide the loading space to prevent goods from slipping around. The floor clips for this plug-in module can be positioned at will around the outside edges of the load space. The system's telescopic frame provides a secure hold.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is also showing genuine Accessories engineered and specially designed for the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class. There are five X-Class models on display and one during the first Press day in the exhibition hall and outside display area. Accessories such as styling bar, sidebar, hardtop and hardcover as well as loading and off-road solutions round out the exhibited vehicles.

An overview of the products:

  • The solidly built and scratch-resistant styling bar in polished stainless steel complements the distinctive and robust pickup design and gives the vehicle a sporty progressive look. A black-painted steel version of the styling bar is also available as option.
  • The side bars  give the vehicle even more robust appearance when seen from the side. The treads on the side bars provide a safe and non-slip surface that makes getting in or out of the car easier, as also loading or unloading. The side bars are available in either polished stainless steel or in black-painted steel variants.
  • The hardtop, painted in the vehicle colour, features a linear profile that complements the vehicle design profile, while also increasing load capacity, as well as insuring protection of the load from damp, dust and theft. Various window options are available, all of which ensure the supply of light and fresh air to the load compartment. The hardtop is optionally available with roof rails.
  • The weather-resistant load floor liner offers effective protection against paintwork damage across the full load floor. The black lining is made of plastic and lies directly below the loading edge. Therefore, it is compatible with all covers and lashing rails.
  • The freely positional load surface divider system provides a movable partition that can be used to subdivide the load area. The system holds the load in place and helps ensure the safe transport of goods on the load surface.
  • In addition to the standard tie-down eyes or rails, the X-Class can also be equipped with load-securing rails. These are mounted on the floor of the load area and allow the load to be correctly secured according to regulatory load security norms.
  • The weather- and tear-resistance soft tonneau cover  covers the loading area and can protect the load perfectly. The easy retraction of the soft tonneau cover allows quick access to the load.
  • The styling and paintwork of the hard tonneau cover ensure that it complements the overall design of the pickup. At the same time, the hard cover protects goods from theft and adverse weather conditions. It is unlocked via a separate key and has an automatically switched on LED light.
  • The aluminium roll cover can be opened and closed in stages. It protects the load from damp and dust, as well as from theft. The Roll Cover can be locked using a separate key.
  • The lockable stowage box has a capacity of 156 ltr, providing ample space for tools or other equipment and protecting the items stored from adverse weather conditions and theft.
  • The three-piece, 3 mm thick stainless steel technical under guard extends over the engine, the transmission and the exhaust system of the vehicle. Because of the openings, repair and maintenance measures are easily facilitated.

An attraction for model car collectors and pickup fans is a special model of the X-Class in 1:18 scale, produced in a limited edition of 150 and only available at this year's IAA. The X-Class is available in the colour combination of yellow limonite metallic and matt black. On this meticulous reproduction, the driver's and front passenger's doors can be opened, as can the load compartment flap. The interior trim also reflects the bicolour styling, so emphasising the accuracy of detail in this model car. Each X-Class model car features a numbered badge in its load compartment. Those who miss the very limited special model will soon have an alternative: mid-November 2 additional limited edition X-Class model cars (limited to 2,500) will be available in black and in solid white metallic colour.

The Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH shop on Level 0 of the show also has on offer a special model of the new V-Class; a 1,000 units limited edition in “designo hyacinth red”. The 1:18-scale model car features hyacinth red metallic paintwork. The driver and front passenger doors as well as the

right-hand sliding door and the tailgate can all be opened. The interior is black. Just like the original vehicle, the design of the limited edition model car is also equipped with AMG Line and Night Package.


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