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A Ferrari collector now has a truly unique, previously unknown Prancing Horse in his stable – a V12-powered 458 Italia that’s a LaFerrari powertrain test mule. The owner goes by Greg23 on Ferrari Chat, and he’s dropping a few details about this very special machine.

According to a brief post from the owner, Ferrari used this 458 as a platform for developing the LaFerrari’s V12. However, it doesn’t have the hybrid system. As a one-off without the usual powertrain, Greg23 can’t register this test mule for road use. He can use the machine on the track, though.


The LaFerrari’s V12 displaces 6,262 cubic centimeters, and the version in the hypercar produces 789 horsepower (588 kilowatts) at 9,000 revs and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque. The rest of the 949 hp (708 kW) total output comes from the hybrid assistance, which this 458 doesn’t have. The powerplant provides a massive boost over the 458 Italia’s stock 4.5-liter V8 that produces 562 hp (419 kW). 

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The gorgeous satin black paint makes this 458 even better because the shade makes the coupe look quite sinister. Despite the overhauled powertrain, the body appears largely stock. The only major tweak is the addition of pins for keeping the engine cover closed.


A separate Instagram post shows the test mule’s interior, and it looks quite nice inside with copious Alcantara upholstery. Ferrari’s engineers tweak the center console to add emergency shutoff buttons, but the cabin appears otherwise stock.

Unfortunately, Greg23 doesn't offer any details about the process of getting this unique vehicle out of Ferrari's grasp, but we imagine it must be a very interesting story. Automakers generally crush test mules like this or stock them away in the archives. Greg23 must be a canny negotiator to figure out a way to liberate this one.

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