The newly released Type RS grade offers exceptional driving pleasure with better performance and bolder styling.

On sale now in Japan

The facelifted Mazda RX-8 was revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon back in early January before it showed its bonnet at the Detroit Auto Show. Back then Mazda refrained from releasing official specifications, which we can now bring to your attention. The freshened RX-8 has gone on sale in Japan today.

The current first generation Mazda RX-8 has been on the roads since 2003 and with this facelift it will grace the tarmac in primarely Japan and the US for a few more years before it will be replaced. The four seater will see an entirely new model added to its range, the Type RS. The Type RS joins the base model RX-8, Type E and Type S by offering an even more powerful engine combined with a new body kit.

The entire range is graced with larger air-intakes in the front bumper, the side air-vents now have a turn indicator and the rear lights contain LED lamps. The aluminium wheels come in three new designs and have been upgraded to 17 inches on the base model and Type E, the Type S has 18 inch wheels while the new Type RS sits on 19 inch rims.

Inside, the base model and Type S are adorned with densely woven black seat covers, the Type E models come equipped with leather seat covers in black, red or beige. The tachometer also received an update with silver markings and white illumination.

Under the hood Mazda upgraded the water and oil pumps improving the performance on the RENESIS rotary engine. The revised gear ratios on the manual transmission allows for a more responsive acceleration at lower RPM. Mazda also redesigned the body structure, increased local rigidity and improved aerodynamics.

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Mazda RX-8 Facelift In Detail