According to a report from Cars Direct, Chrysler is looking to one-up competition from Toyota and Honda in the minivan segment. The report says the automaker will offer a new base model Pacifica in 2018, slotted below the LX called the Pacifica L. It will sell for a base price of $28,090, which is a full $2,800 under the LX once destination charges are figured in. It also considerably undercuts the Toyota Sienna and its $31,045 base price, not to mention the Honda Odyssey at $30,930.


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As far as what all is included – or in this case excluded – in creating a new base model, we have no information. Currently, Chrysler lists the Pacifica LX with basic power features such as windows, locks, and cruise control as standard equipment, along with front and rear heat/air conditioning, a five-inch touchscreen display with a Bluetooth-compatible six-speaker stereo, cloth three-row seating, 17-inch aluminum wheels, and the 287-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 with a nine-speed automatic. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see a $2,800 savings by nixing the aluminum wheels for steelies with hubcaps and downgrading the infotainment system.

While more families are turning to crossover and sport-utility vehicles, the minivan segment remains surprisingly robust and competitive. Our recent head-to-head comparison between the Pacifica and Honda Odyssey shows just how close these two class competitors are in terms of features, comfort, and functionality. We gave an ever-so-slight nod to Honda, but 2017 sales figures reveal that Chrysler is winning the battle. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sold 75,507 Pacificas through August of this year, compared to just 66,999 for Honda during the same period. Toyota still wins the day, narrowly eclipsing Chrysler with 78,111 Sienna minivans sold in 2017.

Overall sales figures, however, aren’t the real story here. Both Honda and Toyota have seen sharp declines in minivan sales through the year, while the Chrysler Pacifica has enjoyed a sharp increase. And though we suspect the vast majority of Chrysler shoppers will skip the entry-level model for greener Pacifica pastures, simply having the best deal on the block will surely continue to bring buyers into the showroom.

Source: Cars Direct

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