We are only a few days away from the world premiere of the hotly anticipated Project One and now Mercedes-AMG has decided to give us a first look inside the cabin to create even more buzz around its F1-engined machine. The adjacent low-resolution image comes via the company’s CEO, Tobias Moers, and shows a development car indoors at the Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains at Brixworth, United Kingdom.


We are able to see the simplified instrument cluster consisting of a fully digital wide screen joined on the right side by another display, which doesn’t seem to be integrated into the center console. That means it will stick out from the dashboard, unless the layout is going to change while the development car will make the transition to a final production model.

Like the previous teaser image hinted, the Project One is going to have a large windscreen and that will boost visibility, though the view at the back won’t be nearly as good. The latest picture also allows us to catch a glimpse of the flat steering wheel, which seems to be taken straight from a race car and has a tachometer on the upper side.


Very few people will have the chance to get behind the wheel of the hypercar as production will be limited to just 275 units. Mercedes had no problems in selling all of them for more than $2 million a pop as deep-pocketed people were eager to get their hands on what could very well be the most technologically advanced road car to ever come from Daimler.

Set to have more than 1,000 horsepower and a top speed exceeding 218 mph (350 kph), Project One will be powered by a turbocharged V6 1.6-liter engine adapted from Mercedes-AMG’s F1 car used in the 2015 season and paired with two electric motors. Those fortunate enough to be on the list to own the car will have to have the engine rebuilt at 31,000 miles (50,000 km), but that’s the price to pay (and that hefty sticker price) for owning the closest thing to a road-legal F1 car.

Next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG will finally show the Project One in a near-production specification.

Source: Mercedes-AMG


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