Don’t try this at home.

We have mixed feelings about this video. Yes, drunk driving is absolutely stupid and anyone who tries to do it will spend all of eternity roasting in hell tied to the hood of an AMC Gremlin, listening to Starland Vocal Band on 8-Track while forced to look at the Gremlin’s Levi upholstery. That is now the ultimate fate of Brittany Sharp, a 25-year old woman who bounced her white Chevrolet Cavalier through the streets near Fort Myers, Florida like a pinball. Fortunately nobody was injured, save for Sharp who received minor injuries from the final impact.


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We know all these things happened because it was streamed live on Facebook by a group of women in a black Nissan. According to a report from Fox 4 Now in Fort Myers, the ladies in the car phoned 911 to report the obviously inebriated driver, then tailed the car after it almost hit them. The chase covered city streets until the Chevy somehow meandered onto Interstate 75.

At that point the women in the Nissan decided to shut the drunk driver down, pulling in front of the Cavalier and hitting the brakes. There’s a noticeable thump when Sharp hits the car, bringing the episode to a close. Police arrived a short time later to take the driver into custody. Here's the whole chase as captured by Billie Jean BeeBee from the passenger seat; just be sure you're okay with a bit of profanity before watching. 




We’ll give credit to the ladies in the Nissan for trying to do the right thing, but it’s a double-edged sword. At one point the Cavalier is seen bombing through the median of the highway, so any number of horrific accidents could’ve happened had they not stepped in when they did. And they did seem to pick a good opportunity to cut the driver short – speeds looked to be pretty slow and there was a convoy of other vehicles holding up traffic, so there appeared to be little danger to other motorists.

Still, did they have to livestream it on Facebook? Seems a bit attention-grabby to us when most phones can shoot video without broadcasting it to the world. Also, we have to echo the words of the Florida Highway Patrol, which advised everyone to not take such matters into your own hands. Today is was a slow-speed crash to stop a small car. Tomorrow, it could be a PIT maneuver against an SUV in the middle of heavy traffic. That wouldn't end so well.

Stay safe out there people, and keep perspective. This incident turned out okay but such things can get wicked dangerous in the blink of an eye.

Source: Fox 4 Now via YouTube, Billie Jean BeeBee via Facebook

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