Chinese automaker BAIC may produce a copy of the previous-gen SAAB 9-5 if it gets the rights it seeks.

A SAAB 9-5 clone could be on the roads within the next year. That is if the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) goes ahead and buys all the tooling and design rights to the outgoing 9-5. Reports say the plan is in its final stages of execution but nothing is being said about whether production would resume under the BAIC badge or not.

SAAB recently unveiled its latest 9-5 range-topper which is produced at its Trollhatten factory in Sweden. The BAIC deal would mean the Chinese company could conceivably resurrect the old 9-5 and sell it while the new true 9-5 as it were, is also on the market.

BAIC is a minority shareholder in Koenigsegg which is buying SAAB from General Motors. The agreement exists but the contract is not yet final.

Fans of the big Swede can take small comfort in the fact that while the possibility of a Chinese copy exists, it would at least be legit.