We’ve all been behind the wheel long before our feet could reach the pedals.

If you’re looking for a way to create a future car enthusiast, look no further than the video above. It’s a textbook example of how to hook a kid on horsepower, hopefully for life, because we all know horsepower is a highly addictive drug.

The girl’s laugh at the excitement is infectious. It’s full of innocence, wonderment, and high expectations for whatever car she wheels next – because not every car on the road is a 700-plus-hp BMW M5.

It’s fun to watch the little girl giggle with every single acceleration, saw at the wheel as she turns the car around, and watch her head swivel back and forth as she looks to where she’s turning. From the looks of it, this isn't her first time behind the wheel – her form is better than most. She’ll have her license in no time.

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If more kids could get behind the wheel of a car – in a safe, legal environment of course – like this little girl in a private parking lot, there wouldn’t be endless think pieces on the future of car culture and why young adults are forgoing car ownership. Instead, they’d be chomping at the bit for their own cars, economic prosperity aside.

Is it a tad unsafe? Maybe. They are in an empty parking lot. But then again, who didn’t get their first taste of driving by bending the rules a bit? There are more than a few stories of people learning to drive by sitting on someone’s lap while driving down a deserted dirt road.

My own love of the automobile came from shifting my mother’s five-speed-manual, three-door 1993 Ford Escort from the passenger seat, which was long before young children were regulated to the back seat for “safety reasons.” We all fall in love with the automobile in one form or another, we just took different paths to get there. This little girl just happens to be grabbing control of her path by the steering wheel.  

Source: Ervin Boer Photography via Facebook 

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