Imagine it's 2030.

Renault raised the bar pretty high for concepts when it unveiled the gorgeous Trezor in September 2016 at the Paris Motor Show and the bonkers Zoe E-Sport in Geneva earlier this year, which is why we have high expectations from the Symbioz. Set to debut later this month at the Frankfurt show, the new “innovative concept” as it’s being billed will likely be a three-door hatchback featuring an extremely short rear overhang.


From what we are able to see in the short teaser clip, the door opening mechanism will be quite interesting as we have a feeling these will open upwards. We can also observe Renault’s diamond logo on the outline of the door and perhaps that’s from where you open it by pressing the rhomb shape. Other noticeable design traits include the illuminated badge on the hatch, large two-tone wheels, and slender C-shaped taillights similar to what production models have as front LED daytime running lights nowadays.

Getting its “Symbioz” name from “sumbiōsis” (Ancient Greek word for “living together”), the concept represents Renault’s vision of a 2030 car equipped with a highly advanced autonomous driving system. It’s entirely electric and uses technology derived from the zero-emissions Z.E. models available today, hence the use of “z” rather than “s” at the end of the concept’s name. By the looks of it, the Symbioz will be a small car envisioned to tackle the “environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead.”

It will be shown in full on September 12 on the dawn of the Frankfurt Motor Show where the Megane RS is going to be finally revealed in all of its production hot hatch splendor. Leaked patent images have shown a slightly updated Megane GT is in the works, though it’s unclear at this point whether it will be unveiled at IAA as well.

Source: Renault

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RENAULT SYMBIOZ: the vision of the future of mobility

  • A concept car that expresses Renault’s vision of autonomous, electric and connected mobility in the future.

  • RENAULT SYMBIOZ will be unveiled at a press conference at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show at 9:50am on Tuesday, September 12.

  • Renault continues innovative design approach.


Paris, September 4, 2017 – RENAULT SYMBIOZ, an innovative concept to be unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show Sept 12, will be an opportunity for Renault to describe its vision of mobility by the year 2030. This new concept addresses customer expectations in the future related to mobility and lifestyle, as well as the environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead. It is also a way for Renault to explore autonomous, electric, connected mobility in the future.

The name RENAULT SYMBIOZ is derived from ‘sumbiōsis’, the Ancient Greek word for ‘living together’. Renault believes that the automobile of the future – embodied by its latest concept car – will function harmoniously and in permanent interaction with its environment, road network infrastructure and the digital lifestyles of its occupants. The letter ‘Z’ at the end refers to the all-electric Z.E. technology that powers the car.

Renault invites you to find out more about how it foresees the motoring ecosystem in the future at the 2017 Frankfurt Show where Thierry Bolloré, Chief Competitive Officer, Groupe Renault, and Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design, will present RENAULT SYMBIOZ at a press conference on its stand in Hall 8, at 9:50am on Tuesday, September 12.