Tuning package for two hybrids include suspension lowering, large-rim wheels and aerodynamic skirts all around.

Tuning a hybrid?

Why not?

Well, have a look at the photos here - they can be pretty convincing. It's hard to say that the optics tuning done by Kenstyle here doesn't improve the looks of the rather pedestrian Honda Insight and Toyota Prius models.

Of course, no mention of any tinkering under the hood. It's certainly a technical challenge to try to squeeze more power out of a complex hybrid set-up.

The tuning done here is mostly an eye-pleasing endeavor, although the suspension lowering, the large wheels and the aerodynamic paneling likely help improve road grip and handling. And they certainly make these two hybrids a more assertive visual presence on the street.

Definitely something to consider for those enviro-happy Hollywood stars so keen on hybrids. Other petrolheads can still dream of their favorite German diesels to placate their green-conscience.

There's always something for everyone.


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