After seeing German tuners like Manhart and Lightweight Performance emptying the M2’s engine bay to make room for the S55 biturbo from the M4, BMW is expected to do the same in the near future. Latest gossip concerning the hardcore CS version suggests the model will be launched next year and is going to be produced in a limited series of only 1,000 units. If that’s correct, it means the M2 CS will actually be more exclusive than its bigger brother since the M4 CS is being built in 3,000 examples.

It’s not the only piece of information we’ve heard through the grapevine as apparently BMW will sell the ultimate M2 with a Silver Hockenheim paint and a striking Sunset Orange shade. Inside, there are going to be body-hugging sporty seats wrapped in black Dakota leather adorned with Polar Blue or Kyalami Orange contrast stitching. Customers will be given the opportunity to pick from regular or perforated leather, with the latter likely to command a premium.

Considering the standard M2 boasts 365 horsepower, the beefier CS is expected to up the power ante to approximately 400 hp to match the Audi RS3 Sportback and Sedan. Giving it even more muscle would be risky as the limited-run coupe would end up stepping on the M4 Coupe’s toes and we’re sure BMW doesn’t want that. Besides the rumored engine transplant, the flagship 2 Series model will also feature bigger brakes to match the extra oomph. Suspension and chassis tweaks together with other hardware optimizations are likely in the works as well to justify what will likely be a considerably bump in price over the regular M2, which kicks off at $53,500 in United States and from €59,500 in Germany.

As to when we will actually get to see it, BMW hasn’t said anything. As a matter of fact, there’s actually no official word about an M2 CS being in the works, though the company’s decision to trademark M1 CS through M8 CS names could be a hint. The order books will allegedly be opened in January 2018 and deliveries are slated to commence in May.

Source: via BMWBlog

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