Billionaire Technophile Drives R8

One Man. One Machine. One Mission.

The movie Iron Man, based on the classic Marvel comic by Stan Lee, is preparing itself for its world-wide launch in early May. Many people have (very) high expectations for the movie, but even though I have read my share of comics my interest goes to the new Audi R8 and the hopes of it crashing spectacularly. But director Favreau has had to cut the final scene short, “The crash just wasn’t spectacular enough! Our stunt specialists did their best to turn the R8 over onto its roof, which would have given us a dramatic final scene, but they failed – the car clung to the road too well!”

Audi will be launching a micro-site today dedicated to the new movie, which in time will feature 11 trailers. These trailers will differ from the actual movie trailers and have been specially shot for the Audi minisite and focus on Tony 'Iron Man' Stark's R8 and his assistants' (Virginia “Pepper” Potts) Audi S5.

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