Remember the Mini E from 2008 from where the Electric Concept has inherited the exterior finish? It was actually BMW Group’s first fully electric car private users had the opportunity to take out for a spin around town. More than 600 units were ever made, with United States taking the lion’s share with 450 cars, followed by Germany with 100, France with 50, and U.K. with 40. The zero-emissions hatchback was also offered in other parts of the world, including China and Japan. All these efforts were made for a field trial program allowing Mini to learn more about EVs.




Mini will do things differently in 2019 when it’s going to launch another entirely electric model. Set to be previewed later this month in Frankfurt by the suitably called Electric Concept, the car will be a regular production model, so availability won’t pose a problem at all. EV tech has evolved greatly since almost a decade ago when the Mini E (pictured below) came out, so even though the British marque hasn’t released any technical specifications about the concept, it’s safe to assume improvements have been made on all fronts.

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With BMW already selling the i3 in a pure electric flavor for a number of years together with a range-extending derivative, you can bet Mini is going to take advantage of the developments that have been made by its parent company while working on the “i” lineup. Speaking of which, the newly introduced i3S is heading to IAA as well with more power than the base model. Pretty soon, BMW will also update the i8 coupe and will launch its roadster counterpart to further bolster its eco-friendly portfolio.

As most of you know by now, BMW is stepping up its EV game by working on an electric X3 due in 2020 and set to be followed a year later by the iNext, a flagship equipped with a highly advanced autonomous driving system. Beyond the “i” family, the company already has a great number of plug-in hybrids based on its bread and butter regular models.

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