Disney-Pixar’s Cars film was considered a commercial success when it debuted in 2006, bringing in more than $462.2 million at the box office, and spawning two other installments in the process. The most recent film in the series, Cars 3, was released earlier in the year, and raked in a respectable $325.3 million at the box office. Though the franchise itself is now ten years old, it still holds some heavy emotional ties with fans both young and old, as noted by the video above.

Disney-Pixar enlisted the help of documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to give one family’s beaten-up minivan a magical makeover. As part of the new "Pixar My Car" short film series, filmmakers gave the old minivan an appropriate Lightning McQueen makeover, complete with a red livery, yellow racing stripes, and white-wall wheels. They even went and repaired some of the minor damage, replacing things like the missing door handles and taillights.

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Granted, the entire thing seems a bit silly. A wrap like that typically costs in the thousands of dollars, and though it may seem cool to the kids at first, one can only imagine that driving around the Lightning McQueen-themed Kia would get old after a while.

Still, the wrap was undoubtedly fun for the kids at first glance, and came with a few added goodies to boot, like Sphero’s R/C Lightning McQueen. The remote control Cars character costs $300, and comes with features like a working suspension, a voice-box with over 300 phrases, and a reactive LCD screen where the character’s eyes would be. It’s called controlled via a companion iOS or Android app.

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