Many of us have been there, parking and forgetting to pay the fee or leaving our cars where we weren’t supposed to. In this particular case, it’s the more delicate matter of not being able to make the payments. Then the tow truck arrives, but do we go after the innocent driver and attack him with a crowbar? Of course we don’t. That’s what happened earlier this week in Compton when the owner of a Nissan Altima - and probably a big fan of Grand Theft Auto - desperately tried to free his car from the tow truck.

See the new Altima:

How desperate? Well, the repo guy was about to drive off when the Altima’s owner decided to hop onto the truck’s bed and use a crowbar - which he happened to have - to smash the tow truck’s rear window. Filled with anger, the reckless man attempted several times to detach his sedan, but without any success.

There’s also to the matter of the car itself, which as you can see doesn’t have the front tires anymore while it’s going sideways on Compton’s streets. We can only assume the truck driver didn’t have the necessary time to properly hook up the car as he probably decided to flee the scene after seeing a man armed with a crowbar coming right at him. That is what we would have done, too. With sparks flying everywhere while the front of the Altima hits the ground, it goes without saying the car will need a new bumper and some underfloor TLC.

And let’s not forget about the other car from where the video was shot. Footage shows it did not stop at the stop signs (we've counted three) as it did not want to miss out on the action, which NBC Los Angeles says it lasted for more than 10 minutes. Police finally arrived at the scene and now the car’s owner is facing several charges. He’s certainly in bigger trouble now than he was before deciding to go berserk.


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