It was one of those days when you are bored or you have so many problems in your life, and suddenly you decide to get drunk. So far, so good. But this guy from the city of Bengbu in northern Chinese province Anhui went a bit too far.

A video recorded on 26 August this year shows a man standing and dancing on the roof of his car, which appears to be a white Chevrolet Cruze sedan. Apparently, no one’s in the car at the moment but it’s still in motion thanks to inertia forces.

More drunk drivers:

At some point, the white Chevy approaches a closed road, but nothing is able to stop the happy drunk dude and he just keeps dancing. Interestingly, two heavy trucks overtake his car on the right lane, also neglecting the fact that it’s a one-way street.

Currently, the case is being investigated by the local police and the unnamed drunk driver is explaining the reasons why he acted like that. Given the number of laws he violated, he’d be definitely losing his driver’s license for at least several months.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Never get drunk? Nah, forget that. Just remember to never keep your car keys close to you when sipping whiskey. Especially if you have a white Cruze.

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