This is why people study graphic design.

The bumper sticker you see above has gone a tad viral as a textbook example of the importance of graphic design. A cute, funny bumper sticker is just one way some people try to make their ride stand out from the sea of boring beige. Some are political while others are funny or just downright crude.

You can’t just ask your nephew who has a pirated copy of Photoshop to whip up an outstanding bumper sticker between playing video games and chugging Red Bull. Those are high expectations.

Things like font, images, and spelling matter. However, there are some that slip past quality control and make it on the bumper of someone’s ride. These we've collected are an interesting bunch. They sort of defy explanation. They’ll make you scratch your head as you wonder how anyone thought these were a good idea.

1. Shaming is a core tactic of internet trolls everywhere, but now it’s coming for your seafood, too. #stopthehate


2. There’s loving your dog and then there's this.


3. Geography – it’s a thing. And it’s never too late to learn.


4. Sometimes, even the most perfect bumper sticker needs some extra modifications to really bring out its true meaning.


5. Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore.  


6. It is a compelling argument, but what’s a frig? Will it still keep the beer cold? 


7. Well, this is a complex one. Loose /lo͞os/ adjective 1. not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached. Also, you can’t tie in a basketball game. It’s overtime periods until there is a winner.


8. What’s even going on here? 


9. No, it doesn’t. Stop lying. No one believes you.


10. But does it have the same effect? We will have to visit to find out, right?


11. Yoda, you are not. Failed, you have.


12. Someone call the parents. This kid is just being ridiculous. 



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