Thanks to turbocharging, the power boost over the regular model should be considerable.

After giving the DB11 an AMG biturbo V8 engine with 503 horsepower on tap, Aston Martin is now readying a more powerful version of the V12 model to sit on top of the grand tourer’s lineup. Armed with cameras, a couple of people currently based at the Nürburgring in Germany have seen prototypes of the DB11 S while the two were playing their glorious V12 soundtracks.

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Unlike its naturally aspirated DB9 predecessor, the DB11 has embraced turbocharging, which means there should be plenty of room for the horsepower number to grow for the hotter S model. The British luxury coupe has 600 hp and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) to offer from its biturbo 5.2-liter engine in the standard version, while the new derivative is expected to up the power ante by at least 30 hp, if not by as much as 50 hp. A bump in torque is in the works as well, but the number will be lower compared to the horsepower gain.

There’s going to be more to the DB11 S than just an upgraded V12 engine as Aston Martin will also make some changes to the body, specifically at the front where bigger air vents are going to be installed to provide better cooling for the powerhouse lurking underneath the hood. Overall, the design should be a tad more aggressive, while a stiffer suspension setup will provide a slightly lower ride height. Bigger standard alloy wheels are also in the offing, together with some mild tweaks inside the cabin to nicely round off the package.

As to when we will get to see it, Aston Martin will probably wait for the first half of 2018 considering the AMG-powered model debuted only about a month ago. The Gaydon-based marque has a lot on its plate right now as it’s putting the finishing touches on the Vantage, teased earlier this August, and is also prepping the droptop DB11 Volante.

But perhaps the most important project is the DBX, its first-ever crossover. The high-riding vehicle set to be built at a new factory in Wales will go on sale in 2019 when Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini will also have an SUV in their lineups. Ferrari will likely join the game with an "utility vehicle" early into the next decade, thus further shortening the list of automakers without SUVs.

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