Volkswagen was out testing two prototypes. Is one the Volkswagen Golf VII? Is the other the two-door Volkswagen Golf Coupe? Details inside.

Two Volkswagen development projects were spied in Germany this week, with one of them possibly being the next generation Volkswagen Golf.  The black car is possibly a mule for the two-door Golf Coupe/Roadster, based on the VW BlueSport Concept.

The photographer took a close-up shot of each vehicle near the driver-side front headlight, showing a sticker indicating each car's platform.  While the white mule appears to sit on the brand new MQB ("Modular Querbaukasten," for you German speakers), the tag on the black vehicle suggests it rides on the PQ35 platform (MkV and MkVI).

This fits in line with previous rumors suggesting that the two-door Golf Coupe is based on the VW Golf Mk VI.  The spy photographer suggests the real vehicle is smaller than the three-door Golf pictured, as the rear wheel does not look quite right.  The spy snapper also points out that the fuel filler pocket/cap is fabricated into a different location on the quarter panel.

Meanwhile, the MQB platform will see its first outing with the 2010 Audi A3.  Rumor has it that the Golf VI will be killed off by the end of 2011, and that the Volkswagen Golf VII will appear in Frankfurt in two years.

The question is, will the supposed two-door Volkswagen Golf Coupe appear before, after, or during next year's Geneva show?

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