In stock trim, the Audi R8 V10 Plus produces 610 horsepower (455 kilowatts) and 413 pound-feet (560 Newton-meters) of torque from a 5.2-liter V10, the coupe can reach 205 miles per hour (330 kilometers per hour). Those figures are impressive, but they pale in comparison to what the model can do after tuning from Underground Racing. As proof of the aftermarket firm’s capabilities, a 2017 R8 with its X Version biturbo system recently set a new record for the model by reaching an amazing 244.8 mph (394 kph) in the standing half mile.

Audi R8 Half-Mile Drag Video

The video above shows the impressive run. The whining turbos now dominate the noise from the powertrain, and the driver suffers a violent tug with each gear change. This was the first half-mile event for the biturbo R8.

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According to Underground Racing, its X Version biturbo upgrade for the R8 lets the coupe produce an astounding 2,500 hp (1,864 kW) at the wheels when running on race gas. The coupe remains street legal, and according to the firm’s Website, the model is still good for 1,200 hp (895 kW) at the wheels when running on 93 octane.

The upgrades are rather pricey, though. While Underground Racing doesn’t list the X Version’s cost, the firm’s Stage 3 biturbo system goes for $99,000. Even these mods take the R8 to 1,000 hp (746 kW) on pump gas and 1,250 hp (932 kW) on racing fuel.

The speeds in half-mile racing have grown quickly in recent years. In 2012, a tuned Ford GT set a world record by going 212.9 mph (341 km/h). By 2015, a 2,000 hp Lamborghini Huracán from Underground Racing hit 238.6 mph (383.9 km/h). Racing Underground also currently claims that another of its tuned Huracáns holds the record by reaching 250 mph (402 kph) in the standing half mile (see a video of it below).

Source: Underground Racing via YouTube, Underground Racing

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