Hot Wheels were undeniably my favorite toys to play with growing up. I had the carpet, special cases, the racing tracks, and several other accessories. Some cars I kept tucked away in the case, but many others saw more mileage. Most were thrown against the wall, scraped against the basement cement floor, rusted from being submerged in water, and just beaten to death.

The YouTube channel, baremetalHW, took on the task of restoring a Hot Wheels 1968 Custom Camaro. Much like my battered models, this Camaro had seen better days. The blue paint was covered in oxidation, the hood no longer opened properly, and the Chevy wore many scrapes on its body.

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The first step was to separate the model’s body from its chassis. Once disconnected, the body is stripped of its original chipped, blue paint. Both parts are then dipped into a beaker filled with 75 percent phosphoric acid for a few seconds to remove most of the rust, and then finished off with some metal polish. At this point, the body looked brand new – almost as if it finished the very early steps of going down the assembly line.

Next was the paint. To help pick out a paint color, the voice in the video references “The Ultimate Redline Guide” handbook to make sure he picked a color that was actually produced for the Camaro Custom Hot Wheels model. He then chooses to deviate from the original blue to a purple body with a black roof.

After the body was painted, it was left to dry for two whole days. The man even goes as far as to repair the toy car’s windshield with some clever use of rubbing compound, and also give the model a new set of wheels. Following all this tedious work, the once beat-up Hot Wheels now looks almost fresh out of the package.

1968 Camaro Custom Hot Wheels
1968 Camaro Custom Hot Wheels Restored

Watching all this go down – with a calm, slightly monotone voice narrating the video – is an extremely mesmerizing experience. Nine minutes into the video, I forgot I was watching a Hot Wheels be restored, rather than a full-size car.

Prepare to be drawn into the video above.

Source: baremetalHW via YouTube

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