The new Lotus 2-Eleven, Lightweight track day special packs 141kW. It has been unveiled at Geneva and is available to those willing, but not able to fork out extra for the 188kW version.

Lotus launched its entry level 2-Eleven at Geneva this week, a car whose beefier brother was first unleashed at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. 2-Eleven has apparently been a major hit with Lotus track day enthusiasts all over the world.

Now more affordable, the 2-Eleven features Exige’s 141kW 1.8-litre naturally aspirated metal box. It may not sound like much more than a whisper at a rap concert, yet seeing that 2-Eleven comes in at 720kg/ 1600 lbs on the bathroom scale, one realises the potential it has. Pace is not at a loss here as it covers the standard 0 – 60 mph distance in just 4.3 seconds, with a top end of 140 mph.

Lots of combinations are available for customers to customize each car to their own tastes and satisfaction, such that the usual “no two cars need be the same” line applies. The general agreement though is that perhaps, as lovely as a Lotus looks in Red Scorpion or Orange Bobcat, that perhaps is not the entire reason it exists. Lotus is lightweight, quick and nimble, especially around the track. It has semi-slick Yokohama tyres made for maximum grip and a double wishbone suspension like race cars. An SVA pack is available for buyers who don’t have a trailer so they can drive legally to the track, race in the same car and drive back home with no hassles.

Now it’s even more affordable at £27,995 MSRP including VAT in the UK/ €34,695 excluding tax, duties & delivery charges.

Cheaper Lotus 2-Eleven Launched at Geneva