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Do you remember this stunning Irish Green Porsche 911 Carrera S? Yes, it’s the one millionth 911 that is currently on a promotional world tour. Before going to China “and beyond,” the vehicle made a stop in New York.

The anniversary 911’s trip started in Stuttgart, where the car was actually produced. Then, 11 lucky people had the chance to drive it on the streets of the German city, before it was headed to the United States. Expect to see it on the Nurburgring as well, before it goes to Porsche’s museum. And, no – you can’t buy it.

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Interestingly, Porsche also highlighted the 999,999th 911 – a red Targa 4 GTS, which is also going to North America. It won’t be making any demonstrational trips, as its new Canadian owner, Rob Tenuta from Ontario, is eager to get his hands on it.

The 911 is no longer the most popular Porsche on the market, as the Cayenne and Macan are the cash cows these days. But the sports car is still “the most strategically important model in the product range” and makes “a huge contribution to maintaining Porsche’s position as one of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world.”

One millionth Porsche 911 in New York
One millionth Porsche 911 in New York

“Fifty five years ago, I was able to take my first trips over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with my father,” Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Porsche AG, Wolfgang Porsche, said earlier this year on his memories of the original 911. He’s been a part of the development of the 911 since day one. “The feeling of being in a 911 is just as enjoyable now as it was then. That’s because the 911 has ensured that the core values of our brand are as visionary today as they were in the first Porsche 356/1 from 1948.”

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