Citroen possibly developing C-Cactus model for a 2012 debut. The French automaker may also create a range of cheaper, greener cars around the C-Cactus and call it the Essentiele range.

Last year, Citroen announced that it was conducting a feasibility study for the C-Cactus concept in order to assess whether taking the model to production would be a viable business option.

Now, these photos have leaked of an alleged C-Cactus in development, although we cannot confirm the authenticity of the images here.

The C-Cactus Concept first debuted at the Frankfurt motor show in 2007. The objective was to create a green car (lighter and with low emissions) that also has a low cost of production through a a simpler assembly process using less parts and recycled materials.

Speculation is that Citroen would turn the C-Cactus concept into a sub-brand called "Essentiele". With Essentiele being an entry-level Citroen range with the DS label serving as the automaker's premium range.

The C-Cactus would likely be powered by a new diesel-hybrid drivetrain that PSA Group is developing, possibly with a 3-cylinder diesel of unspecified horsepower coupled to an electric motor. It would be the first model in the Essentiele range, and may make it to market by as early as 2012.


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