Launching in 2019, it will do 100 miles (161 kilometers) on a single charge.

As we are patiently waiting for Tesla to unveil its electric semi, Cummins has made this week a surprising reveal at its technical center in Columbus, Indiana. Nicknamed “Aeos,” it represents the company’s first zero-emissions truck and has been engineered to accommodate a large 140-kWh battery pack with enough juice for 100 miles between two charges, thus making it suitable mostly for city use.

It takes about an hour to completely recharge the battery, but the goal is to reduce the charging time to just 20 minutes by the end of the decade. For extended journeys, additional battery packs can be installed to enable the electric truck cover as much as 300 miles (483 kilometers) between two charges.

Moving from the diesel and natural gas engines Cummins is known for, the environmentally friendly Aeos has a few tricks up its sleeve to become even more efficient. Some relevant examples would have to be the regenerative braking system and solar panels mounted on the roof to grab energy and send it to the battery pack as a way to extend the range.

Aerodynamics are also playing an important rule to further boost the truck’s efficiency, which is why the conventional side mirrors have been replaced by cameras to reduce air drag. Additional aero optimizations include a more streamlined design together with a better sealed body and underbody. Cummins mentions the tractor day cab boasts a gross vehicle weight rating limit of 75,000 pounds (about 34,000 kilograms).

According to Forbes, the 18,000-pound tractor cab will go on sale in 2019 when production is scheduled to begin. However, it’s important to mention Cummins will not actually build the trucks as instead it will supply the entire battery electronics system and is going to purchase the battery cells from a yet unknown provider.

During the same event, the company introduced its latest natural gas engine technology and showcased the X12 and X13 efficient diesel engines. In addition, plans were announced for a “revolutionary heavy-duty diesel engine” scheduled to be launched in 2022.

Source: Cummins, Forbes

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