The piece was created by cabinetmaker Michel Robillard and took six years to complete.

To this day, the Citroen 2CV remains one of the most iconic vehicles in French motoring history. First introduced in 1948, the 2CV was produced for forty years in France until it was discontinued in 1988, and sold well over 3.8 million units before leaving the production line entirely in 1990. Now, the iconic classic will live on forever as a piece of art – not that it wasn't already.

Created by cabinetmaker Michel Robillard, this full-sized, fully wood Citroen 2CV sculpture took six years to complete, and comes finished using several different types of wood, including pear, apple, and walnut. If features an accurate interior, doors, a hood – but unfortunately lacks a wooden engine. The sculpture made its debut in the marque's digital Hall of Fame, the virtual Citroen Origins museum this past week, where it was made available for 360-degree virtual viewing, together with nostalgic accordion music.

The wooden theming continued throughout Citroen’s many French-language social media accounts, specifically Citroen France, which displayed a number of messages carved in wood blocks, and even a wooden profile pictured from August 21s to 25th. The wooden social media features were created by renowned carpenter Pascal Arlot.


All of the phrases and social media detailing surrounded the completion of the wooden 2CV by Robillard, and the storied success of the 2CV – it even included a few sculpted emojis for good measure. The campaign was imagined in part by Traction, a new digital marketing agency within Havas’ award-winning network of global advertising agencies, together with the French automaker.


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The Citroën 2CV has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration since 1948, and it is the end of this summer. As the 22nd "World 2CV" gathering was held last month in Portugal, the mythical 'Deuche' in another form, or rather in another material: wood. 

Indeed, after buzzing in the media and on the Internet, the 2CV in wood life-size created by the cabinetmaker Michel Robillard is honored by Citroën which integrates this unique work to his virtual museum Citroën Origins, instead and place the actual 2CV usually presented on the site.The wooden 2CV will remain there all week, until Friday, August 25th.

Holder of a carpenter's CAP, Michel Robillard went from models to real size with a dream: to make a wooden car to scale 1 that can ride. 6 years will have sufficed for the cabinetmaker by trade and passionate car, to realize the mythical 2CV totally wooden. Made of several species of wood (pear, apple, walnut, ...), the sculpture was made from a chassis of Citroën Dyane 6 of 1966.

Wink in honor of this unique 2CV: from 21 to 25 August posts 'engraved on wood' will be realized on the social networks of the Brand. Operation to find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.