U.S. buyers will no longer be able to add the hood-mounted star to their C-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is getting a minor update for the 2018 model year, as expected. Apart from some small changes to the fascia and the cabin, one big piece of history will be done away with entirely: the hood-mounted star (even though it's pictured here in spy photos).


First trademarked on February 18, 1925, Daimler’s Mercedes star wrapped in Benz’s laurel wreath quickly became a signature of the newly formed German marque. The hood ornament would go on to grace the topside of iconic Mercedes-Benz vehicles, everything from the original 630K to the more modern CLK GTR, as well as the C-Class first introduced in 1993.

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Now, as Mercedes’s Alabama plant gears up to offer the Sport styling trim exclusively to American buyers in 2018, according to Car and Driver, the German marque has decided to do away with the iconic hood ornament altogether. A newer, larger grill-mounted Mercedes emblem will be available instead, something previously reserved to the marque's trucks, coupes, and roadsters.

The change can be contributed, in part, to the automakers’s ongoing pursuit of younger buyers. The longstanding hood ornament will still be available to C-Class buyers in Europe, thankfully, while American buyers will have to opt for the next-up 2018 E-Class if they prefer the classic look, which starts at a hefty $58,900.

Mercedes-Benz will still offer the smoother suspension package previously available on the Luxury trim as a no-cost option, but buyers looking for an especially elegant ride will be forced to opt for the 2018 C350e, which comes standard with Airmatic air suspension. The height-adjustable suspension, a $1,190 option on all C300 models, will no longer be offered for 2018.

Source: Car and Driver

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