Two new engines, and a new transmission, will be shown off by Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show. Also re-emerging is the Kiyora concept, last seen about a year ago.

Mazda plans to introduce the next generation Sky-G and Sky-D engines at next month's Tokyo Motor Show.  The two engines will appear alongside the Mazda Kiyora, a concept first introduced in Paris last year.

The company's "Sky" approach is to use technologies that improve performance and efficiency simultaneously.  The programme's name comes from the idea of providing people with an "everlasting blue sky" no matter how many drivers are on the road.  Thus, the company has pressured their engineers to "employ unconventional thinking to achieve optimal performance in every vehicle that bears the Mazda nameplate," according to a press release.

On display in Tokyo will be the latest, direct-injection Sky-G petrol engine, and the next-generation clean-diesel Sky-D.  Both are getting their world debuts alongside the next-gen Sky-Drive automatic transmission.

In its Japanese debut, Mazda will bring out the Kiyora.  Rumor has it that the Kiyora is the basis for the next version of the Mazda 2.  In Paris, the vehicle was shown with a 1.3-liter direct-injection engine mated to an electric motor.  Using a start/stop system, the car manages an impressive 32 kilometers per liter of fuel (75 miles per U.S. gallon), while emitting only 90 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

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