The fashion label Courrèges and Citroën are teaming up once again to create a chic take on the E-Mehari, but unlike the 2016 concept, this isn’t a one-off. Fashionistas will need to act fast, though, because Citroën will only build 61 of these black beauties. 

Citroen E-Mehari Styled By Courreges

For the exterior, Courrèges takes a completely different approach from its previous E-Mehari concept (see gallery below). Rather than painting the EV pure white, the new one wears a glossy shade called Vinyl Black. To continue this aesthetic, there’s tinted rear lights and glass, and the model rides on 15-inch wheels with black details. To break up the dark appearance, Courrèges fits shiny badges.

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Unlike the white concept’s open layout, the production version features a gloss black removable hardtop and side windows. The pieces let owners use this automotive fashion accessory for the whole year, rather than only in warm weather.

Citroen E-Mehari Styled By Courreges

Inside, Courrèges opts for a two-tone mix of black and white. The lighter shade covers the seats and a strip across the dashboard. The darker color decorates the rest of the dash and the door panels. An aluminum badge shows the production number out of the 61 examples. Buyers will also get a matching Courrèges bag.

Gallery: Citroën E-MEHARI by Courrèges dresses in white for Geneva

The E-Mehari uses a 30-kilowatt-hour battery that gives the vehicle a 121-mile (195-kilometer) range in the New European Driving Cycle standard. The electric motor produces 67 horsepower (50 kilowatts) and 122 pound-feet (166 Newton-meters) of torque. People have a good opportunity to see the E-Mehari’s style because the vehicle is rather slow by requiring 7.3 seconds to reach 37 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour). The top speed is just 68 mph (110 kph). 

The E-Mehari Styled by Courrèges edition will make its public debut during the Paris Design Week at the Galerie Joseph on September 8. It’ll also be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will open on September 12.

Source: Citroën

Gallery: Citroën E-Mehari Styled By Courreges

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Tue, 29/08/2017 - 

Just because summer's over doesn't mean we're going to stop driving E-MEHARI! Today, Citroën is unveiling the limited edition NEW E-MEHARI "Styled by Courrèges", a more versatile and uber-trendy version of its 100% electric 4-seater convertible. This edition extends the encounter between two iconic French brands, synonymous of French creativity and elegance, mindful of innovation, freedom and responsible mobility. Fashion statement playing with the contrast between black and white, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges unveils among others a rigid Hard Top combined with side windows and an interior totally redesigned, as Citroën’s emblematic visual codes, with in particular a new dashboard and new seats More modern, comfortable and urban, this free-spirited vehicle asserts its unique automobile character. It incorporates significant changes and new equipments which heralds a real skipping of generation for E-MEHARI. Available very shortly, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges comes with a special elegant and coordinated bicolor Courrèges bag. It is the first electric model to be granted the "French Origin Guaranteed" label.


Citroën presents today a very exclusive limited edition NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges, limited to 61 cars in reference to the year the Courrèges fashion house was founded. A great way to pursue the successful collaboration it began in 2016 with the Fashion House, which at the time was reflected in the form of a bright concept car. With this limited edition NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges, the two French Brands reaffirm the meeting of their universes based around shared values such as creativity and innovation, driven by the goal of sustainable mobility. The two Brands have audaciously gone down the opposite route of the white of the original concept car, a true hallmark and symbol of light for the renowned Fashion House, by playing with a diametrically opposed exterior colour - Vinyl Black. 


Through this exclusive limited edition, which heralds a new generation, E-MEHARI is asserting its unique automobile character and becoming more modern, while remaining fresh and user-friendly. It has taken a leap forward in terms of quality and comfort thanks to a new interior design and the arrival of technical developments. Comprising a new structure and henceforth bodyworked at the Rennes plant, it now features steel roll bars, for example. New features, such as the Hard Top and matching windows, "Easy Entry" system, central locking system and airbags bring modernity, versatility and on-board comfort.

The embodiment of optimism and freedom, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is an "It car" with a unique character, and a modern reference to one of the brand's icons. Its potential to appeal to people looking for a trendy model in tune with the times and who care about protecting the environment has been reinforced.

In short, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is:

  • An iconic 4-seater convertible faithful to the spirit of the 1968 MEHARI,
  • A limited edition series limited to 61 cars, in reference to the year Courrèges was founded,
  • A model that asserts its unique automobile character, that can be used in all weather and on all types of roads,
  • Exclusive Vinyl Black bodywork with incorporated Gloss Black Hard Top, in complete harmony,
  • A new interior style with enhanced dashboard trim and a Courrèges embellished strap, white TEP seats, a numbered custom plate, and a customised bicolor Courrèges bag,
  • More features and improvements to ensure quality, safety and on-board comfort,
  • 100% electric, zero CO2 emission driveability, with engine torque increased by almost 20%,
  • The first electric vehicle to have been granted the "French Origin Guaranteed" label.


At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, Citroën and Courrèges, both visionary and iconic brands that throughout their history have constantly revolutionised their era and respective industries, came together for a joint project - the Citroën E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges concept.

With their sights set on the future and sustainable mobility, Citroën and Courrèges are today pursuing their collaboration around the 100% electric 4-seater convertible. E-MEHARI is the perfect embodiment of their shared values of creativity, freedom and optimism. Armed with these common foundations, and eager to combine these two universes, the two brands have pooled the expertise of their respective design studios to create an exclusive limited edition baptised:      NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges. 

Limited to only 61 cars, with this very exclusive limited edition series, the model becomes an even more innovative fashion statement, faithful to the spirit of the 1968 Méhari and to the spirit of modernity of Courrèges.


A new interpretation of the collaboration between the car maker and the fashion house, the elegant limited edition NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges reinforces its unique and offbeat personality with its totally black exterior and entirely white interior.

A true fashion statement, this raised 4-seater convertible, standing firm on its Black diamond-cut 15'' GIVE ME FIVE alloy wheels, can now become an urban saloon thanks to its ingenious black standard Hard Top. Moreover, its front windows, tinted rear quarterlights and rear glass window enhance the robust feel of E-MEHARI and give it a sturdy character. These features also improve the car's acoustics and render it more theft-proof.

This exclusive version is immediately identifiable owing to its "Styled by Courrèges" labelling with brushed metal effect, on the foot of the central arch and on the boot hatch. Going down the opposite route to the Geneva concept, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges has an entirely black exterior. It is adorned in an elegant black robe draped over its two Gloss Black arches, in harmony with its entirely Vinyl Black bodywork. This stark colour scheme reflects a desire to surprise with unprecedented Colours & Materials work. This black deliberately contrasts with the Bright White interior upholstery and white enhanced dashboard trim, true to the Courrèges colour scheme.

On board, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges has a light, attractive interior effect. In addition to the White upholstery with tone-on-tone borders, the horizontally-designed dashboard trim is also embellished with White TEP trim. To enhance the dashboard, an elegant strap embellished with the Courrèges and an aluminium screen-printed and varnished numbered custom plate have been carefully applied in front of the front passenger. The other straps, located by the doors, hark back to the spirit of the latest Citroëns, and are inspired by the worlds of travel and leather goods.

Its totally redesigned passenger compartment that features the Brand's new stylistic codes allow NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges to make a real leap forward, further reinforcing its high quality image. The game of contrasts continues within the passenger compartment with a storage compartment area by the central console, which is the same colour as the bodywork - Gloss Black. A customised bicolor bag sold with the car and delivered by Courrèges to your home has also been designed for you to be able to take your personal belongings with you, and slide them easily into the boot.

Trendy and hip, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is therefore ideal for shopping trips in town and jaunts to the seaside. 


Through this exclusive limited edition, E-MEHARI asserts its unique automobile character reinforcing its outer protection on its upper section and by redesigning its interior.

A fun and versatile, convertible leisure vehicle, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is perfectly in tune with the times. With its new Hard Top providing excellent thermal protection and soundproofing, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is truly a "4 seasons" model, so you can have peace of mind in all weather, all year round.

Capable of taking on the city and all weather conditions, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges retains its all-terrain character. With its raised ground clearance (20mm), its all-season "Cross Climate" tyres and its side protectors (extended wings, sill guards and bumper), NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges can easily go off the beaten track, where it will thrive while being environmentally friendly. A fan of trips to the seaside and able to rely on its corrosion and minor shock-proof thermoformed bodywork, and the new waterproof TEP trim, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges requires little maintenance. What's more, it can be washed – both inside and out – with a quick hose-down.

NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is also a 100% electric engine which offers an unprecedented zero emission driving experience. Moreover, this new version has even sharper responses, with engine torque increased by almost 20%. Powered by an innovative lithium metal polymer battery, the "Styled by Courrèges" limited edition series can rely on its 100% electric technology produced using the French expertise of the Bolloré Group. Its LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery, unaffected by climate variations and tested over more than 150 million kilometres, delivers a top speed of 110 km/h. NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges has a certified combined battery life of 195 km according to the NEDC standard and can be fully recharged in 8 hours with 16A current via special facilities (domestic charging stations or Autolib’ public charging stations), or in 13 hours via 10A household sockets.

A one of a kind and full of character, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges combines the silence of an electric car and the elegance of a Courrèges outfit.


A unique and practical 100% electric 4-seater convertible, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges capitalises on its state of mind and its technology while featuring more accessories, in the name of quality, safety and improved comfort. As such, the car provides total on-board peace of mind.

Welcoming and comfortable, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges has new height-adjustable enveloping driver and front passenger seats. Another addition incorporated with comfort in mind is the "Easy Entry" system, whereby the 2 front seats fold with position memory, making it easier to get into the back of the car. 

Practical and designed to meet all needs, it features new storage compartments within the central console and in the inner door panels, while its boot comprises a secure 78 litre compartment which can be locked. Lastly, to transport luggage and other sports and leisure accessories, it has a single-piece folding rear bench.

Functional and easy for daily use, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is easy to lock and unlock using its RFID keyring specific white. You only need place it in front of the reader located at the food of the windscreen, to remove the charging plug, start up the car and access the secure compartment. A new addition incorporated onto NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is the central locking system connected to the RFID keyring which comes as standard. Alongside the Hard Top, it brings total peace of mind anywhere.

Safer, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges comes in one level of finish and come with ABS, ESP and 2 3-point rear Isofix anchors for young children. It also has new innovative safety features, such as the 4 front and side airbags, automatic dipped-beam headlights, low tyre pressure monitoring and the permanent sound warning system which is active under 30 km/h, warning pedestrians of its approach.

For fun and pragmatism, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is equipped with a Parrot Bluetooth audio system, a removable remote control, a USB socket and 2 speakers, so you can listen to your favourite playlists or catch up with your friends on the phone.

The first electric vehicle to have been granted the "French Origin Guaranteed" label, owing to its battery made near Quimper and its new reinforced structure with anticorrosion treatment assembled at the PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN factory in Rennes, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges will be available for order very shortly. It incorporates significant changes, which strengthen its quality perception.

It will be presented at the Galerie Joseph from the 8th of september during the Paris Design Week, and also be shown at the Frankfurt Motorshow on the 12th of september during the press day.




Length: 3.80 m / Width: 1.73 m / Height: 1.65 m

Boot capacity: 200 l (+78 l in secure compartment) /800 l with bench folded

Empty weight: 1,483 kg


Maximum power: 50 kW

Engine torque: 166 Nm up to 3,700 rpm and 140 Nm above

Combined battery life: 195 km NEDC* New European Driving Cycle standard

On-board energy: 30 kWh


Top speed of 110 km/h

0 to 60 km/h: 7.3 s