If a person wants to take a road trip in absolute luxury across Europe, then forget the back seat of a Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class, and check out the opulently appointed Sprinter from Carlex Design. This van looks like a very comfortable place to take a long drive.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter By Carlex

There's not much on the outside that suggests this Sprinter has such an extravagant cabin. There are small tweaks like an aggressive fascia and monochromatic silver body. Carlex actually appears dissuade people from paying attention to the exterior of its Sprinter by fitting the vehicle with wheel covers rather than an expensive set of wheels.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter By Carlex

Inside, the four occupants in the back can stretch out in captains chairs, which have quilted leather upholstery. There are also deployable arm rests and tray tables. A tall console separates each pair of seats, and it features an angled digital display for enjoying a movie or other entertainment. Ambient lighting creates a relaxing space in the cabin. If the party really needs to get started there's also a bar back there. Shutters keep anyone from seeing the fun happening inside this opulent party van.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter By Carlex

While the passengers are having fun in the back, the driver gets to enjoy some luxury, too. Like the in the rear, the seats feature diamond-quilted brown leather. There are matching touches on the dashboard and door panels. For some extra visual distinction, Carlex also uses darker leather for the lower portions of the dashboard and on the door pulls. A gorgeous, wooden center console separates the seats.

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Carlex transformed another Sprinter into a mobile office earlier this year. That one featured a more ostentatious exterior with gold wheels and had a similarly opulent interior.

Source: Carlex Design

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