A Russian tuner firm tackles the Bentley Continental, giving it an interesting new look. Details and photos inside.

Russian tuners TopCar have released a new package for the Bentley Continental GT and the GT Speed coupe.  The kit includes a series of aerodynamic work, body panels, design touches, and wheels, but not a performance upgrade.

For TopCar, this is their follow-up to their work on the Porsche Panamera.  Dubbed "Bullet," the upgraded models receive a new front-end, including a renewed bumper, a grille for the GT, and a new hood designed with air intakes.  A front spoiler is also built in, as well as LED lights.  New side skirts lead into the wheel wells, which integrate interestingly with the freshened rear bumper.  The bumper has vents built in behind the wheels, and a diffuser at the bottom.

The price tag for the kit, with the alloy wheels, is €25,000.  The front fenders seen in the photos of the white GT are still in development, and are not included.  Those can be purchased for an additional €5,000.  Getting the matte black paint job runs an additional €7,000.

Gallery: Bentley Continental GT Bullet by Russia's TopCar