From Whitehorse in Canada to Anchorage in Alaska during an adventure that lasted 13 days.

Recipe for a great gallery: take a couple of Mercedes G-Class off roaders, sprinkle some lovely scenery, add three talented photographers, and then mix them all together. Success.

The G-Class W463 series has been around since the early 1990s, with several significant updates in-between, so naturally now it’s on its way to a well-deserved retirement, but not before embarking on a journey through Canada and Alaska. Mercedes teamed up with the photographic collective “German Roamers” to immortalize the legendary G during its long trip from the Yukon territory of Canada all the way to Anchorage in Alaska for a 13-day adventure during which the pair of G-Class models covered more than 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles).

See the next-gen model:

Unsurprisingly, the two Gs manufactured in Graz, Austria by Magna Steyr managed to tackle rivers and difficult terrains with ease, proving once again the vehicle’s unmatched off-road capabilities.

The three “German Roamers” photographers Johannes Höhn, Lennart Pagel, and Hannes Becker were joined by professional filmmaker Mathias von Gostomski who was also part of the expedition representing a joint effort between Mercedes and American outdoor product company The North Face. The results of his work can be seen in the equally impressive video attached below.

38 years and 300,000 vehicles later, the G-Class will receive a new generation in 2018, one that will stay true to its roots by keeping the boxy shape. It’s going to be 10 centimeters (4 inches) wider than the one pictured here to free up more space inside the cabin. Three locking differentials, low-range gearing, and the body-on-frame configuration will be part of the package, as will be a newly developed independent front suspension.

As to whether there will be ludicrous versions such as the G650 Landaulet, it’s too early to tell. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some hardcore editions in the same vein as the G500 4x42 and the insane G63 6x6…

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Gallery: Mercedes G-Class on tour from Canada to Alaska

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"Never Stop Exploring": Mercedes-Benz G-Class Outdoor Experience: On a spectacular content creation tour of Canada and Alaska with Mercedes-Benz and The North Face

Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz and the American outdoor equipment supplier The North Face went on a spectacular content creation tour through Canada and Alaska together with "German Roamers", the photographic collective. Three members of the German Roamers travelled from Whitehorse in Canada to Anchorage in Alaska in two Mercedes-Benz G‑Class in the course of 13 days, recording for Mercedes-Benz – in still photos and videos – the offroad legend in the fascinating surroundings of the American north with its breathtaking panoramas. Photos of unspoilt scenery, the fauna and flora of the American North, spectacular offroad shots with the G‑Class, and a movie of the tour ( are all available on the Mercedes-Benz and The North Face social network channels at hashtag #MBfacingthenorth:

On their trip, the three German Roamers photographers Johannes Höhn, Lennart Pagel and Hannes Becker, together with professional filmmaker Mathias von Gostomski, covered more than 3,000 kilometres. The journey started in the Yukon territory of Canada. It continued along the Alaska Highway to Anchorage. The Top of the World, the Denali and the Dempster highways, some of the most attractive roads in North America, were on the schedule. They went on hikes, kayak rides and photo flights to great sights like glaciers or an ice cave. Their companion and guide was Hansjörg Auer, an extreme climber and a member of the professional team from The North Face. They went right through the wilderness on foot and by car. The team forded rivers and crossed rough terrain in the two G‑Class vehicles. Endless kilometres on gravel roads, took man and machine to their limits. The G‑Class proved itself as the perfect offroad and expedition Mercedes-Benz vehicle for modern adventurers.

This forefather of all Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles proved to be extremely robust and reliable. With its unique off-road capabilities, it took the photographers safely to the most remote corners of the wilderness. "The German Roamers know just where to find and record the finest and most beautiful motifs off the beaten track. The G‑Class is just the right vehicle to reach these special locations and it fits authentically into the visual imagery," said Natanael Sijanta, Head of Marketing Communication for Mercedes-Benz Cars.

This content creation tour was the first joint outdoor tour realised by Mercedes‑Benz and The North Face. Both brands have the same high quality standards for their products when it comes to extreme outdoor activities. The North Face supported the German Roamers on their trip, providing outdoor clothing, duffle bags, sleeping bags and tents.

#MBfacingthenorth is the second project by Mercedes-Benz with the German Roamers. In autumn 2016, a group of photographers took two G‑Class to the Dolomites, and their spectacular pictures via Instagram Stories, Snapchat and other social media channels reached almost 47 million people in all. Mercedes‑Benz was one of the first brands to successfully use Instagram Stories as a new feature in digital brand communication and caused a stir with their #MBdolomates project.

About German Roamers

The German Roamers photographers' collective consists of 14 German photographers who have set themselves the aim of bundling the potential of the very best German outdoor photographs on Instagram and focusing on the outdoors worldwide. The photographers have more than 2.5 million followers on social media.

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