That's going to leave a mark.

We have something a quandary with this video, which was posted on Facebook by Carlos Escobedo and has since racked up 13 million views in less than 24 hours. That’s viral to the nth degree, but then again, a freaking dump truck rolling down the highway with its bed elevated skyward tends to be a bit captivating. That’s especially true when it’s barreling headlong into metal scaffolding bearing road signs overtop a busy interstate highway. The Facebook video is embedded below, but whichever you watch, be aware that there’s some strong language.




According to KTRK news, the crash occurred on a Houston highway Thursday evening. The condition of the truck driver was not known, but it’s safe to say the condition of the highway road sign is absolutely dead on arrival. If the impending doom isn’t bad enough, the sound of the shrieking steel is about as welcoming as fingernails on a chalkboard. The occupants filming the incident are seen in the YouTube video trying to warn the semi driver, but that warning obviously went unheeded. It’s not a pretty site by any means, but considering there was a bridge just after the signs, this could’ve been much worse.

So, about that quandary we mentioned earlier. Yes, the driver of this truck made a huge mistake that could’ve had deadly consequences. But what the hell is up with the driver in the camera vehicle? He at least knew what was coming, and yet he stuck right with the semi at a ridiculously close distance, then seemed surprised when the signs came crashing down. Nor was he the only person zooming into the danger zone – look close at the 20-second mark for a white SUV that comes swerving out of nowhere. And in the YouTube clip, there's a whole pile of traffic behind this truck.


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There are two important lessons to be learned from this video. One: if you’re driving a semi with a bed or bucket that raises up, make sure it’s down before hitting the road. And two: exercise enough common sense to not voluntarily put yourself in the middle of a crash.

Source: KTRK, Carlos Escobedo via Facebook, Junior Honduras via YouTube