Pushing an SUV’s off-road capabilities can be a ridiculous amount of fun, until things turn south – quite literally. In the video above, a BMW X5 goes tumbling down a steep hill in a dizzying fashion.

The short video begins with dramatic cinematic music showing a stuck black BMW X5 hooked up to a tow strap – just short of the peak of the steep hill. Thankfully, before the blue Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR at the other end of the tow rope pulls forward, the driver of the BMW steps out of the vehicle and laughs while gazing at his stuck vehicle. Those laughs almost immediately turn straight to sounds of pure horror after he realizes the tow strap is about to give way.

Before the driver has a chance to stop the vehicle, the tow strap dramatically rips, and causes the poor X5 to go rolling down the hill — leaving everyone at the top of the hill powerless. With three cameras on the outside, and one on the interior of the BMW, this incident is fortunately – or unfortunately – well documented.

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From the cockpit, the scene turns violent with views of the earth turning upside down out the SUV’s windows, and tree branches poking through the open sunroof. After completely rolling over about three times, the big SUV finally reaches the bottom of the hill. Laying on its right side, one end of the tow hook still attached, this brutal scene finally comes to an end with everyone frantically running towards the beaten bimmer.

Although there weren't any passengers in the vehicle, you can see that the side-curtain airbags deployed during this incident. Considering how vicious the fall was, the X5’s roof structure appeared to hold up fairly well. Thankfully no one appears physically hurt from the incident.

Watch this dramatic scene unfold above.

Source Monki Bizness via Facebook

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