The car was simply too hot to handle.

Here at Motor1, we’re experts on cars. We aren’t, however, experts on stealing cars, so we confess to not fully understanding why 20-year old Hondas and Toyotas consistently rank at the top of various lists as cars thieves love to steal. Then again, maybe thieves love them for the same reason the rest of the world loves them – they’re generally reliable. And they have a great track record for not catching on fire.

The same can’t be said for Lamborghinis, as we’ve seen time and time again. That leads us to this particular crime, which occurred last Sunday morning in Dallas, Texas. According to NBC 5 in Dallas, two people decided to carjack a hotel valet driver who happened to be in a Lamborghini. We aren’t sure what model but such details don’t matter to thieves; they only see a sexy Italian supercar. They apparently also haven’t seen any video of Lambos spontaneously combusting.


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Dallas News reports the two men were 18 year-old William Caston, and 19 year-old Dez Montayevian Bell. The pair trolled town for a bit after the alleged assault until the Dallas Air One police helicopter spotted the car, because Lamborghinis tend to stick out among other cars on the road even when they’re not on fire. Police on the ground got involved and the chase was on, at least until the intersection of Interstates 20 and 45 on the south side of town.




That’s when the hot Lambo got literally hot, bursting into flames and leaving the young car boosters without a ride, without an alibi, and without Vaseline to face what will likely be an incarceration of some length given the charges they face.


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If they’d only stolen a Toyota Corolla, they could be reaping the benefits of a dull, humdrum motoring existence like the rest of us. Here’s hoping the duo learned their lesson.

Source: The Dallas News, NBC 5, FerrariChat, Twitter

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