Top of the range TKR boasts more power than an F1 race car but with tractability for the road, while the 400bhp of the SKR is specifically tuned for long legged GT touring.

Claims unofficial speed record

A new British super car will be launched on April 23, St George's Day, somewhere in the UK. Very little is known about the car, but we can tell you the name. Keating will release two versions, a Veyron-chasing TKR model and a gran turismo model called the SKR.

Initially the car supposed to become a true multi-national project, but last year Keating spent 9 months sourcing all the components from UK based companies making the new super car almost exclusively British.

The TKR will be hand built to special order only and boasts 'more than F1 cars' horsepower levels. Keating in their press release made a daring statement, a Keating TKR prototype supposedly beat the Bugatti Veyron's speed record in a closed testing session. At the unveiling next month, if the weather permits, a few high-speed test runs will be conducted so the press will be able to have an impression of just how fast the car is. Later in the year Keating has plans to attack two world records, which other one besides the world speed record is not clear.

The Keating SKR retains the TKR's body but with a smaller engine, just 400 bhp and has been tuned in such a way to make it a daily driver. The SKR is also made-to-order and will be fitted with personally selected options.

Prices and further details will most likely be revealed closer to the launch date.

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