We wouldn't mind driving one of these electric work trucks.

Range anxiety might be an issue with folks who rely on a car to travel longer distances, but for shuffling mail around in a city, it could be just the thing. That’s why Britain’s Royal Mail is trying out some new all-electric commercial vehicles that will come in varying sizes, but feature the same boxy design that is both futuristic and in a curious way, rather endearing. We wouldn’t say the trucks are pinch-your-cheeks cute in a Google car sort-of way, but they somehow give off a friendly vibe that makes you want wave and wish it a good day. Does that make us weird?


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The vehicles come from Arrival, a U.K.- based electric truck manufacturer headquartered in Banbury. The Royal Mail will be operating nine units all total, with sizes varying from 3.8-ton to 8.2-ton cargo capacities. The electric trucks will be used exclusively to transport mail between distribution centers, and have an operating range of 100 miles. The machines will stick to London for now, and with each sporting a deep red finish that contrasts with an enormous tinted cockpit for drivers, it’s not like they’ll go unnoticed.

The Royal Mail calls this trial period a partnership with the manufacturer, and is the first customer to use the vehicles. Arrival CEO Denis Sverdlov said the vehicles are “priced the same as diesel trucks,” which could certainly be a benefit for companies in a city such as London, which has congestion charges for most gas and diesel-powered vehicles. The mail service already has 100 electric vans in its fleet, and in a statement from Royal Mail, Fleet Managing Diretor Paul Gatti said the new trucks from Arrival would be evaluated over the next several months.

With more European cities taking steps to eventually ban internal combustion engines, vehicles like these are almost certainly the future, especially for commercial uses. As long as they all look as good as these red riders from Arrival, we’re good with that.

Source: Myroyalmail.com, businessinsider.com

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