Getting behind the wheel for the first time is likely something you will remember for the rest of your life. When your dad is basketball star Dwyane Wade, and he throws you the keys to his new red Ferrari, it might just be a little bit more memorable.

In the video, Wade eagerly puts his son behind the wheel of his 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso for the 16-year-old’s first driving lesson. To give a little background on the vehicle, the GTC4Lusso is arguably the most practical Ferrari with four seats, a rear hatch, and four-wheel drive – oh and it’s equipped with a 6.3-liter V12 engine that produces 680 horsepower, and is capable of reaching over 200 miles per hour.

This Ferrari is also seemingly built to be the ideal driver's ed car because it includes a screen on the passenger side that gives readouts of the car’s speed, revs, and even includes a G-force meter for dad to supervise the trainee driver. Although he could’ve reached 60 in just over three seconds, Wade’s son behaved himself during this driving lesson.

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Wade’s son looks understandably nervous and excited at the same time while he slowly drives down a small neighborhood street. Later in the video, he looks far more comfortable behind the wheel, and enjoys a carpool-karaoke-like cruise with his famous father.

Wade eventually becomes so confident in his son’s driving skills that he lets him ride solo – albeit only for a short stretch down the straight driveway. Even though his son never dips into the performance capabilities of the Ferrari, at some points in the video you can slightly hear the sweet, deep noise of a V12 engine eager to go fast.

Watch this father-son bonding moment above.

Source: Basketball Hoops via YouTube

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