The klutzy Koenigsegg girl drops her phone then experiences instant karma.

Whether you choose to call it irony or karma, a girl wearing a Koenigsegg hat getting her phone crushed by a Pagani Huyara BC is mildly amusing. Put that girl in the Pagani while cruising the Monterey Peninsula, however, and you have the makings of a viral video. That is exactly what happened to a lady by the curious Instagram name of racylacey23.




So, here’s the story as best as we can piece it together. The video was shot by another Instagram user with the name seatown_exotics, who hails from the Seattle area according to his profile. The incident allegedly took place last week in Monterey, when the peninsula was positively buzzing with hypercars. The driver of the Pagani – who’s also on Instagram as sparky18888 – made a cheeky post about the episode, saying the woman riding shotgun was only there to get photos with the phone and she was now fired.




At least we assume it’s a cheeky post. She was, after all, wearing a Koenigsegg hat that according to sparky18888 was also signed, presumably by somebody connected to Koenigsegg. And you know how temperamental these hypercar owners can get.

Since racylacey had the audacity to wear a signed Koenigsegg hat while cruising Monterey in the passenger seat of a Pagani, it’s assumed the driver purposefully ran over the phone. To the racylacey's credit, she says in the comments on her post that it truly was an accident, and that the driver stopped when he did because people were, you know, telling him to stop. Still, the timing of it all is priceless, and racylacey says the phone’s screen didn’t shatter or scratch.


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Speaking of scratch, let’s close this out by addressing the real victim of this supercar faux pas caught on camera. Racylacey23 might forever be remembered as the klutzy Koenigsegg-hat-wearing girl whose phone got smooshed on camera, but what about the car? That’s a freaking Pagani Huayra BC –  $2.5 million dollars of epic hypercar awesomeness, and her phone bounces down the side of it.

Doesn't that bother anyone?

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