After making a name for itself installing extensive modern upgrades to vintage Toyota Land Cruisers and Ford Broncos, Icon is now in the watch business. Jonathan Ward, Icon’s founder and lead designer, is building the Duesey, a limited-edition watch that takes inspiration from the tachometer on vintage Duesenbergs.

Icon Duesey Watch

Duesey features an unconventional design by showing the hour in an analog display and a wandering minutes display in a wider window below. Ward designed the watch from scratch. He even came up with the bezel and band. A maker in Bienne, Switzerland, will build each one.

The Duesey’s layout might not be to everyone’s taste, but the watch’s craftsmanship is amazing. Much like the firm’s vehicles, Icon uses the best materials available. The 42-millimeter body uses two types of titanium, and the markings on the back, including the production number, come from deep acid etching. The face’s crystal is domed sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating, and a flat sapphire lets the wearer see the movement on the reverse side. Icon’s lizard emblem appears on the crown. Meanwhile, the dial features a polished onyx stone, and the frames around the two windows are polished brass with a titanium-like coating.

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The movement features a custom-made oscillating tungsten alloy weight with a mix of rhodium and yellow gold plating.

The watch should be quite comfortable because the strap features alligator leather on the outside with a black calf leather lining. The buckle is sandblasted titanium.

Icon Duesey Watch

Icon will produce just 50 units of the Duesey, and they’ll cost $11,500. While the price is certainly high, the company is selling them quickly. The firm is taking orders now, and there are just six units left, according to the company’s ordering site.

If you can’t get ahold of a Duesey, don’t worry. According to Icon’s announcement of the watch, Ward has more watches on the way, and they take inspiration from his “favorite transportation design elements from the 1920s-1970s.”

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  • Renowned automotive designer Jonathan Ward debuts ICON Watches With The Duesey, a classic American car-inspired Swiss timepiece


CHATSWORTH, CA - The emotion evoked by classic cars is comparable to the passion conjured in people who appreciate fine timepieces. Internationally renowned automotive designer Jonathan Ward, Founder and Lead Designer of ICON, is also a passionate vintage wristwatch collector. Modern mechanical timepieces have been a source of inspiration for ICON, as new designs, engineering, and improved execution have kept the watch industry alive and thriving in the digital age. ICON custom vehicles commonly include custom analog clocks that match the vehicle’s vintage and are also inspired by watches of the time.

With his passions for classic vehicles and timepieces firmly established, Jonathan Ward spent years developing the next logical step for his brand: ICON Watches. His debut timepiece typifies the ICON brand ethos: to be at once classic and modern, traditional yet distinctly unique, and built with the finest materials available.

Unlike the countless contemporary watches claiming automotive design inspiration, The Duesey is not based on an existing mass-produced watch fitted with an ICON logo. This timepiece was developed entirely from scratch. 

Countless sketches, models, samples and hundreds of hours of consideration led to its creation. Every aesthetic element of its design, from bezel to buckle, is unique to The Duesey, and crafted specifically for it.

Designed and modeled entirely by Jonathan Ward, the watch is significantly inspired by the original Duesenberg tachometer. The Duesey is manufactured in Bienne, Switzerland. Production is limited to 50 examples. Featuring a vintage-inspired jump hour/wandering minutes display, The Duesey’s design and rarity is on par with the famous ICON custom vehicles.

Looking into the future, ICON Watches will strive to move the needle on automotive/horological pairings far beyond the traditional auto-themed watches. By drawing from a deeper well of automotive knowledge and design inspiration, ICON Watches is free of the constraints of tradition, big-brand bureaucracy, or restrictive branding collaborations. Future ICON creations will use Jonathan Ward’s favorite transportation design elements from the 1920s-1970s as the founding perspective for each timepiece created.

MSRP for The Duesey is $11,500. For more information, please visit or call 818-280-3333.


The Duesey – Specifications

Case body

  • Ø42mm
  • Sandblasted titanium, grade 2
  • Tube for the crown in titanium, grade 5

Case back

  • Ø33.40mm
  • Sandblasted titanium, grade 2
  • Markings by deep acid etching
  • Limited Edition XX/50 Number Etching
  • Pressed on Sanfil I-ring


  • Ø42mm
  • Snap-on system
  • Polished titanium, grade 5
  • With one NBR O-ring for water-resistance

Bezel crystal

  • Ø37.60mm
  • Double domed sapphire crystal with antireflective coating on each side
  • ICON logo by silver metallization
  • Pressed on Hytrel I-ring for water-resistance

Case back crystal

  • Ø25.10mm
  • Flat sapphire


  • Ø6.50mm
  • Polished titanium, grade 5
  • Lizard and circle engraved by deep etching (matte finish)
  • With 2 NBR O-rings for water-resistance


  • Dubois-Depraz automatic 14400 module + ETA 2892A2 TOP base movement
  • Luxe version (top of bridges = perlage + snail finish; rhodium plated)


  • Jumping hours by disc + seconds by disc, both with custom-designed fonts/layout
  • Custom-made oscillating weight in tungsten alloy, rhodium plated + markings with yellow gold plating + brass applied lizard made by stamping, yellow gold finish


  • Polished genuine onyx stone
  • 2 frames in polished brass with titanium-like coating


  • 5 bar = 50m


  • Genuine alligator leather
  • Turned edges, no stitching
  • Black calf leather lining with soft (rubber-like) touch
  • Length: 75mm x 120mm
  • Width: 22mm at the case; 20mm at the buckle
  • Thickness: 3.5mm at the case; 2mm at the buckle
  • 7 rectangular holes

Tongue buckle

  • Unique design, all sandblasted titanium, grade 2