This oddly satisfying process will blow your mind.

Much like an abandoned household pet, uncared for vehicles just need a little TLC to give them purpose again. Case in point, this 1982 Mercedes-Benz 190E – deemed the “dirtiest car in history.”

Abandoned in someone’s side yard, parked next to a tipped-over trash can, the once-glistening red Mercedes was doing its best chameleon impression by adopting the more green and grey hues of its surroundings. Layers of moss and algae adorned the exterior. The vehicle was parked there so long, vines started to grow alongside it, and conform to the 190E’s body.

Mercedes-Benz 190E Detailed
Mercedes-Benz 190E Detailed

The CEO of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based detail shop, Detail King, saw this Mercedes everyday for four years on his morning commute. After finally reaching Detail King’s garage, the first step was to remove the years of moss, algae, and other debris slathered all over the bodywork. After watching this mesmerizing process, the Merc starts to perk up, and look like its original self.

The sedan then goes through an intense bubble bath with a full team of five or more detailers. Next step was to remove all the oxidation from the red paint, and shine its shoes with the shop’s own tire cleaner. After this oddly satisfying process, the outside looks nearly factory fresh.

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Next was to tackle the sedan’s gross cabin. Glancing at its interior, many parts of the tan leather and trim were horribly stained and surrounded by copious amounts of miscellaneous debris. Not only did the detailers vacuum the heck out of this car, but they also blew a good amount of dirt from the interior and floor mats with a “Tornador Blowout” tool

After a good scrub and steam cleaning treatment, the 190E’s cabin looked so good, it wouldn’t seem out of place at a Mercedes-Benz historical museum. Hopefully its next owner will give all the necessary love and care that any car deserves.

Watch this mesmerizing, tiresome, and satisfying process go down at the top of this article.

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