What would a 2+2 Bugatti look like? The Maltese designer Reuben Zammit gives us a nice idea of it with the Project Streamliner.

What would a 2+2 Bugatti model look like nowadays? The manufacturer itself may not ever tell us that, but Reuben Zammit, a Maltese designer, has tried to do so with the Project Streamliner. "The Streamliner is a design exercise done to show our view of how a Bugatti 2+2 GT could look like. While trying to keep the car as original as possible, we wanted to incorporate touches that makes it immediately recognizable as a Bugatti," said Zammit to WCF.

Clearly inspired on one of the most incredible cars ever created, the Bugatti Veyron, the Project Streamliner was designed towards other goals. "Instead of just trying to find ways to make it look good, we also made the design sketches in a way that the car would have a bigger interior space than it's rivals and also a bigger boot," Zammit told WCF. In other words, it would be more comfortable than the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, and more luggage could be carried inside its boot.

At Zammit's website, you can also see more about the Streamliner. "This is a top end front engine rear wheel drive car designed for those who want to travel fast in style and comfort," informs Zammit. According to CarScoop, this GT would use the W12 twin turbo engine already in use in other VW group brands. It is a pity this car will probably never each production lines, but Bugatti could think of something similar in order not to be a one car brand. Even if it is the most fantastic ever built.

Bugatti Project Streamliner by Reuben Zammit